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Falling down the tricky inky world of pens

It’s a strange fascination for some, I guess, to obsess on fine-liners, felt-tip pens, retractable gel writers, and hard-bound black cover notebooks when a Pilot ball pen and Corona notebook would do. But there are stranger things that we could obsess on, like from purely pink houses to Santa Clauses, and we love it.

My handwriting was particularly small in college, with only a pocket tickler to cover all my notes for one semester. So,I sought fine-pointed pens so I can fit two lines of text per notebook rule, with G-Tec C3, Uni-Pin 0.05, and the uncommon Micro variant of the retractable Uniball Signo being my top choices.

Yet I always dreamed of a fountain pen, looking at National Bookstore’s displays when I’m off to check out new Moleskine releases (they don’t make them like they used to) or get G-Tec refills. Whenever I get customized Parker pens for gifts, I’d hope to see a nib when I remove the cap. But all I got were ballpoints that would stop working after a few weeks.

Also, I couldn’t get myself one. Those NBS prices are expensive.

I forgot about fountain pens until my Japan trip in 2014, when I found a cheap one for under Php100 at a Daiso outlet somewhere in Aichi prefecture, where my host family dropped by to get some munchies. I’d lose that pen (and the replacement that I asked a schoolmate to buy) to borrowers, but I already slipped into the world of nibs and ink.

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