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Pen, paper reigns supreme for creatives – survey

Just in case you need more reason to defend your growing fountain pen and notebook collection, the WeTransfer Ideas Report 2018 has an interesting insight: Analog note-taking is the preferred method of creatives in recording ideas. 

“Despite the digital revolution, pen and paper remain the king and queen of note-taking,” said the report released in November. “40% of people said this is how they prefer to record their ideas.”

The good old ink and pulp combo beat the human brain (24%) computers (19%) and phones (17%).

“When people write things down by hand, using pen and paper, they process the material more deeply,” quoted WeTransfer of Pam Mueller, co-author of the research paper The Pen is Mightier Than the Keyboard. “If creatives are writing by hand, it’s probably giving them more of a chance to process what they’re putting down on the paper.”

Typists, said Pam Mueller, tend to do “a mindless transcription of what someone is saying to them,” and with ease comes less time for thought processing. 

“I think people do take more care with their handwriting,” said Mueller. “People are just thinking about it more—and more thinking is better.”

So the next time you get asked why you stock up on fountain pens and matching paper, tell them it’s for that moment when creativity strikes.

The WeTransfer Ideas Report 2018 also has other interesting insights regarding ideation in the creative industry. Check out the online version of the report here.

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