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Review: Togebi Notebooks

Every fountain pen user keeps tabs on different related products in the hobby: beautiful-colored inks, durable cases to carry pens around, and paper that can handle your favorite pen-and-ink combination. Fountain-pen-friendly notebooks usually don’t come cheap. Some that are affordable come with caveats, such as uneven coating on the paper. Others simply don’t come in your preferred size, especially those who use Traveler’s Journals.

But sometimes, a gem pops up at the Fountain Pen Palengke, such as the Togebi Notebooks.

Handmade by the tandem of Raqui Magtibay (@artofpanpan) and Micah Robles (@micahfinds), Togebi Notebooks are sturdy stapled fillers that can take most fountain pens and inks at a light-on-the-wallet price.

Thing is, it is not always available with the Raqui-Micah duo making them on the side. So when it went on sale, I immediately bought two packs of Togebi in Traveler’s Notebook regular (Php120) and passport (Php60) sizes. It is also available in B6 (Php150), and each pack includes two plain notebooks.

The paper, which I guess is Mica paper, can take most fountain pen and inks with little hitch, except for the extremely wet combination of a Bexley FPN-P 10th Anniversary pen with a broad nib ground to a cursive italic hawk and J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor which showed some feathering. Sheen is thankfully visible, and so is the shimmer

There is also some show-through at the reverse of the page, but it is negligible for me.

Overall, the Togebi Notebook is an affordable alternative for Traveler’s Notebook users who want to explore filler options with good quality at its price point. It is worth trying on the rare occasion that it goes for sale, and a fountain pen-friendly journal perfect for pen noobs. Here’s to hoping they have dotted pages soon!



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