Nemosine closes shop

(Updated August 22)

Fountain pen brand Nemosine is clearing its online stocks as they announce their closure this month.

“The time has come for the final chapter of Nemosine fountain pens,” said the company in a newsletter sent last week.

“We’ve made the decision to devote our future time and effort into manufacturing fountain pen and inks in the USA, a transition which will include the closure of Nemosine.”

This closure will also end any support for any future Nemosine pen issue, its owner Josh told through email.

Following this announcement, their pens have been marked down from half to a third of the original selling price.

“Once the Nemosine pens sell through and the company is closed, I’m going to help my brother Nick build Birmingham Pen Company,” Josh added.

The Nemosine sale is still ongoing but most items are already sold out as of writing.

Nemosine has produced fountain pens with science-inspired names such as Fission, Singularity, and Neutrino. It also sold torched German nibs, dubbed as re-entry, as reference to space vehicles’ atmospheric entry.

Good luck to Josh and his new adventures with Birmingham Pen Company.







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