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Your one-stop guide for Manila Pen Show 2019 sellers

The Philippines’ biggest fountain pen event is just a few days away with the Manila Pen Show 2019, and a lot of interesting merchants will be coming . Some are familiar names, and others are quite foreign, literally.

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So here are all the sellers at the two day event, in alphabetical order, plus all show-related exclusives so far. We’ll update this list as we get more information from each merchant.

Aesthetic Bay (Singapore)

Any Singapore trip is not complete for any pen folk unless you check out Aesthetic Bay at Orchard Road.

They feature top tier pens at their boutique, and for Manila Pen Show, they are bringing in Nakayas, among other equally luxurious brands.

Calibre and Friends

Calibre Magazine has been a long-time sponsor of Fountain Pen Network-Philippines’ events, from some huge pen meets and Fountain Pen Day events to last year’s Manila Fountain Pen Show. This year, they are bringing along some friends, and we’ll update this spot as soon as we get more information.

Cross Pens

Everything Calligraphy

Your online store not just for everything calligraphy but also for everything fountain pens will be having a spot at the pen show just like last year. Expect their usual offerings and more from their own items such as Elias products

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If you’re dropping by Everything Calligraphy’s table, here’s their promo list:

1. Flash Sale! First 30 customers (each day) will get an extra 10% off on their purchases.

2. We have up to 50% off on selected products

3. And we’re giving out free Diamine sample vials for the first 50 customers.

Everything Calligraphy


Yes, your top choice (perhaps) for coloring pencils and other materials also offers fountain pens. Check out their products at the Manila Pen Show.

Gav ‘n Sav

Their huge variety of local handmade pen wraps are so beautiful, you’re sure to find one that is perfect for you. We’re gave away a pen wrap last month on Instagram, and we’re giving away another plus a pen kimono here on, so watch out for that.

Gav ‘n Sav also is also offering Manila Pen Show-exclusive pen wraps on a pre-order basis. Get in touch with them through Instagram DM for more details!

Guia’s Vintage Pens

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If you’re looking for old but reliable pens, then Guia is the person to look for at the Manila Fountain Pen Show. Every pen noob must experience a vintage pen, yet it is not easy looking for good condition ones. Guia is your best bet for finder an old writer without the hassle. Last time, she was seated next to JP’s pen spa, so you can also have your new purchase tuned to your liking.

Inks by Vinta

The colorful Inks by Vinta has set sail beyond Philippine shores indeed, but there’s no place like home for this brand. Catch their latest catalog of inks at the show. Since it has the same owner has Everything Calligraphy, they will most likely share a table.

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All bottles will be at 10% off during the Manila Pen show, and their latest ink, Bodabil, will also be available.

One more thing: There’s a new Vinta ink coming up exclusively for Manila Pen Show: Mother of Pearl

John Lim

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John is one of the two active nibsmiths in Metro Manila, and he will be accepting requests at the pen show. The beauty of having modifications professionally done is that you are able to request any possible work for your writing preference, and nibsmiths will definitely nail what you like.

One of us here on requested for an unusual nib modification, pictured above. Make sure to research on your preferred grinds if you’re going for one!

Due to a possible high volume of requests, you may have to leave your pen with John. If you’re concerned about shipping, you should know that he’s based within the San Juan-Ortigas area.

JP’s Pen Spa

Aside from being one of two active nibsmiths in Manila, JP also does pen repairs on vintage pens. In case you have a very old pen lying around and have no idea how to make it work, JP can bring it back to writing form with fresh look to boot.

In case JP has to bring home your pen for more work, you should know that he is based at Alabang area.

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Kasama Pens

The first Filipino fountain pen has been available for more than a year now, and it looks like they have more material to play with for their first model, the Kasama Una. This ergonomic build can aid you in hours of writing, and some of its versions can be eyedroppered as well for higher capacity.

For the Manila Pen Show, Kasama…

…will be offering slots to order a limited number of Kasama Unas in your choice of material. Call it semi-custom or mix-and-match, according to your preference. We will have a list of custom pen finishes and, for the first time, nib grinds that you can choose from to create a Kasama Una that you can truly call your own.

Kasama Facebook Post


Musubi (Singapore)

Musubi is a “maker of small goods” with a cult following. They actually posted a primer for the Manila Pen Show, which you can find below.


Newton Pens c/o FPN-P

Pengallery (Kuala Lumpur)


If you’re looking for top and uncommon pen brands such as Karas Kustoms and Wahl-Eversharp and more Tomoe River Paper products, check out Pengrafik as the online shop goes to Manila Pen Show.

Here’s their updated list of products:

1. Ferris Wheel Press (Canada)
2. Leonardo (Italy)
3. KWZ (Poland)
4. Diamine (England)
5. Pierre Cardin (France/HK)

1. Leonardo (Italy)
2. Ferris Wheel Press (Canada)
3. Fountain Pen Revolution (USA/India)
4. Ranga (India)
5. Wahl-Eversharp (USA)
6. Onoto (England)
7. Conway Stewart (USA)
8. Bexley (USA)
9. ASC pens (Italy)
10. Magna Carta (India)
11. Pierre Cardin (France/HK)
12. Italix (England)
13. Nettuno 1911 (Italy)
14. Yard-O-Led (England)
15. Ambitious (India)
16. Airmail (India)

1. Curnow Journals (USA)
2. Tomoe River Paper (Japan)
3. Lamb Leather Goods (Bali)
4. Ferris Wheel Press Journals & Pins (Canada)

Peter Bangayan

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We enjoy Philippine-exclusive Diamine inks thanks to Peter Bangayan, who is also the source for Bexley pens and other top tier brands. The FPN-P 10th Anniversary Bexley (photo above) is also from him. So if you’re looking for a specific special edition Diamine ink, Peter’s table should be your first stop.

Pierre Cardin (Hong Kong)

No photo description available.

Named after the “Godfather of the fashion industry, the Ambassador of arts and culture,” Pierre Cardin Writing Instruments is relatively one of the new names coming in for the Manila Pen Show. They are currently having a pre-order on the Manila Pen Show group (private) for, among many choices, a limited perfect-for-newbies Manila Bay Sunset set.

Regalia Writing Labs (USA)

If you want really crazy nibs, like two or more stacked and welded to write very thick lines on one end and thin lines on the other, well, Ralph Reyes of Regalia Writing Labs is worth your visit. He will be sharing table with John Lim.

We got the chance to meet Ralph and try out some of his nibs at a pen meet earlier visit to the Philippines, and his story about how he started with this amazing idea of creating unique nibs is one of a kind.

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No photo description available.

Philippine pen folks’ top excuse for “unplanned” purchases will be back at the Manila Pen Show, and for good reason. Scribe has been the sole brick and mortar shop for fountain pen goods and other paper products for many years now, and a lot of rabbit hole stories started with “napadaan lang (just dropped by).”


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Your local source for pen-perfect leather goods is having a Manila Pen Show exclusive: two-pen cases! If you’re after a fine home for your top two pens (oh how to decide!) then this is perfect for you. You can also get their equally-beautiful three-pen and five-pen cases and their other leather products at the show.

Straits Pen (Singapore)

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Straits Pen made last year’s exclusive pen show ink (Manila Copper), and they are now will be back with four new colors for Honest Inks plus more Tomoe River Paper. Their resident nib worker, Sunny Koh, will also be there according to Strait Pen’s Ng Lip Sing.

Here’s their lineup for the Manila Pen Show:

Troublemaker Inks

Prepare for trouble made by a duo as the Cebuano “color forecasters” behind Troublemaker Inks will be back in Manila for another batch of colorful frenzy.

Last year, the  first Philippine-made fountain pen ink in the market in recent years sold out most of their bottles in just a few hours. Hopefully, they bring more stock to last them two days!

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Oh, before we forget. There is an official Manila Pen Show 2019 ink:

The Manila Pen Show is happening on November 16-17 at Holiday Inn and Suites Makati.

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