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Your Saturday guide to Manila Pen Show 2019 workshops

Compiled and prepared by Micah Robles | IG: @micahfinds

The Manila Pen Show is shaping up to be jam packed weekend for pen enthusiasts and newbies. Here’s the official schedule of workshops and activities, on top of the hunt for your next pen.

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Here are previews of each session on the first day.

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Basic Fountain Pen Maintenance with John Raymond Lim | Saturday, 10am [workshop fee applies]

Now that I have a fountain pen, what do I do? ?

How do I take care of it? How often should I clean it? What do I clean it with? What’s the proper way? Do I need to disassemble my pens every time I clean? Ano ba kasi ung “flushing”? (What is “flushing”?) Bakit may “blunt tip syringes” sa Palengke?! (Why are there “blunt tip syringes” for sale?)

Find our the answers and learn how to to treat your pens the right way during this session.

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Can Notebooks Save the World? A talk by Daryl Lim of Musubi | Saturday, 2PM

Following its explosive debut at the San Francisco show in 2017, Atelier Musubi has continued to make waves in the fountain pen community not just for its beautiful handmade diaries, but also for its unusual approach to socially-conscious craftsmanship — employing and benefiting both artisans with disabilities and victims of domestic violence.

In this talk, founder Daryl Lim charts the story of one of the fountain pen world’s most unorthodox companies, and provides tips on how all of us as business owners, fans and hobbyists can choose to direct our passion in ways that better benefit society at large.

Filled with equal parts quick-fire wit and irrepressible heart, this talk is a must for anyone who fundamentally believes the world could be a brighter place tomorrow than it is today.

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Penwomanship & Writing Clinic with Lorraine Nepomuceno (supported by Scribe)
| Saturday, 3pm [workshop fee applies]

True or False?
“Kapag bumili ka ng fountain pen, gaganda sulat mo!” (If you buy a fountain pen, your handwriting will become more beautiful.)

The answer:
Pero mag workshop muna tayo para sure (But we need to do a workshop first to sure.)

Learn from Calligraphy Queen Lorraine Nepomuceno as she introduces folks how to bring our the universal line of beauty in letters.

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Everyday Creativity through Journaling with Leigh Reyes (supported by Fook Hing Trading Co.) | Saturday, 4PM [workshop fee applies]

Too tired. Too stressed. Burnt out. Plans falling through. Having a hard time focusing. Feeling overwhelmed, or stuck, or unsure.

And sometimes, talking about it with someone isn’t the key. Sometimes, the most important conversations we should be having is with ourselves. ❤️

Journaling can be a great way to explore and process our inner world, to make us better prepared for the external.

Slots can fill up real fast, so come early and sign up for your favorite talks and workshops!

This year’s charity of choice is Save the Children. Get a raffle stub in exchange for any donation upon registration.

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