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Fountain pen & ink roundup | Week 2, July 2020

This week’s update features a handful of fountain pen news: from nibs and paper to a new ink collection that you should check out.

Tomoe River Paper change

Word got out that Tomoe River Paper will be undergoing some manufacturing changes.  This led to speculation that the paper, known for its fountain pen friendliness despite its insance thinness, won’t be the same,

To verify, we got in touch with Tomoegawa Japan. Here’s what Masahiko Katoh, global sales manager, has to say:

I assume that you’re asking about Tomoe River paper for notebooks
(52g/m2). We keep producing it in our facility in Shizuoka but it’s
produced in a different machine.

As for the quality, overall it’s in the same level as the previous one.
It’s appreciated by our customers as such. We know how to adjust the
paper properties based on our long experience and technical expertise.
In addition to get to the same level, we keep improving the performance
so that the new one can eventually be better than the previous one.

We’re committed to providing high quality Tomoe River paper to meet
customers’ expectation. I appreciate your continued support.

Daryl Lim of Musubi in Singapore has written extensively on this matter with updates.  Head over to this link to read more about the issue in full.

Kasama offers gold nibs

The first Filipino pen commercially available is now offering gold nibs on a limited basis, according to Alvin Arcillas of Kasama.

“These are JoWo 14k gold nib, engraved with Kasama Logo and specially tuned by (business partner, Kasama pen designer) Mark,” he said. “As of now the nibs are offered on our limited run pens.”

These pens include the Kasama Una Timascus x Graphite Filled Peek Pen,  and those made with Mokuti and Zircoti.

Vinta Inks launches new ink collection

Philippine ink producer Vinta has released the Heritage Collection online. Their latest collection features mostly darker colors, and they still come in the same 30ml tamper-proof amber glass bottles.

Scribe joins Lazada’s bounce back sale

Just when you thought that your inner peace is secure, Scribe suddenly comes out with a sale. Because why not? Enjoy up to 40% off on some time-limited discounts on some pens. Also, the rest of their items on Lazada are available at 10% off.
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