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Help Doc Karen beat COVID-19

UPDATE: We report with great sadness that Doc Karen passed away on August 24, 2020. Read the news story on GMA News Online.

Various Philippine pen folks launched different efforts in the past month to help Dra. Karen Abat-Senen, an active member of the community, who is currently fighting her second bout with COVID-19. Some collectors have put up pens for sale and auction, even gathering donations to serve as raffle entries to get more contributions.

Here is the news report of local news program 24 Oras on her condition:

Blood and cash donations are very much welcome. Check out the details below on how you can help:


New donations for Dr. Karen Senen should coursed through these accounts.

Image may contain: text that says "BPI Savings Account Jerome Senen 4663-0731-39 BDO Savings Account Jerome Senen 003850213034 ACCOUNT DETAILS"

(Image courtesy of Micah Robles)

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