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Fountain pen & ink roundup | Week 1, August 2020

It’s one month before Christmas season officially begins in the Philippines. For pen folks, that means it could be time to start looking for that special end of the year haul. It could be that grail. Or another fountain pen-friendly planner for 2021.

But before that, here are some fountain pen-related stuff that we got this week.

TWSBI Eco Cement Grey is here

The new color for TWSBI Eco is now available in Philippine stores. It is one of the few neutral colors from this Taiwanese brand’s line of demonstrators, so it should suit any ink you decide to put in, just in case you’re that type of person.

Right now, you can get yours from Scribe. Speaking of Scribe, now is the perfect time to buy this pen because…

Scribe celebrates Fine Writing Month with weekly deals

It’s already Week 2 of Scribe’s promo. This time, you can get 10% off on all TWSBI and Noodler’s pens!

Musubi x Leigh Reyes: Overgrowth

Musubi teamed up with Leigh Reyes to produce five handpainted diaries. 100% of proceeds will go to the Autism Resource Centre.

“Your money will go towards funding educational programmes that help students with autism integrate into the larger society around them,” wrote Musubi.

Interested buyers will have to enter a lottery for chance to purchase the one of the five unique pieces.


Help Dr. Karen Senen

Image may contain: text that says "The community has been so supportive and generous. It was actually Karen that got me into FPs. want everyone to know that we really, really appreciate all the help the community has given us. It is a community that am proud to be part of. JEROME SENEN"

One of Fountain Pen Network – Philippines’ active members is currently fighting her second bout against COVID-19. Help Dr. Karen Senen beat it once again! Read here to learn more on how you can contibute.

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