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Here’s a fountain pen shirt for your life’s penabler

If you feel like it is tough getting the perfect gift for a fountain pen  enthusiast, here’s shirt one that will definitely fit the nib lover. Even if that person is yourself.

Raqui Magtibay and Micah Robles designed this shirt with the nib lover in mind: four starter fountain pens tucked in a shirt pocket.

Penablers, or pen enablers, introduce newbies to the world of nibs and inks. Most will definitely let interested people try their pens. Some even give away entry level pens to get others started.

Can you guess the four pens in the penabler’s pocket?

Available on, price starts at $25.19 for the classic tee. You can also get it in premium, relaxed fit, tri-blend, premium scoop, and long shirt.

But if you prefer putting real pens in actual pockets, you can also get the design on a pin starting at $4.15

In case you’re the one doing the penabling, you might also be interested in this card starting at $2.12. Also designed by the duo, this goes well if you’re giving away pens while wearing the shirt.

Interested in Raqui’s and Micah’s other designs? Head over to their redbubble profile for their works for sale


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