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Review: Midori MD Paper 2021 Notebook Diary

The 175-page Midori MD Paper Notebook Diary is an affordable planner option with guaranteed fountain pen-friendliness. Here’s our first look on the A6 variant.

For the past few years, I’ve used different types of planners. There was one time when I even welcomed the new year with three, but ultimately ended up using just one for the rest of the year. Aside from a coffee shop planner from my pre-fountain pen days, the longest type I’ve stuck with was Patrick Ng’s Chronodex for the Traveler’s Notebook. I’d have it printed at one of the finer shops at the university that can handle Elias paper, to make sure it is fountain pen-friendly. I’ve done Moleskine, Hobonichi, Traveler’s Notebook, and even printed a custom template also on Elias paper but I haven’t tried Midori yet.


The Midori MD Paper 2021 Notebook Diary. Click the image to view the contents.

Just like other Midori notebooks that I have lying around, the diary comes with a protective wax cover. 

And that nice-looking cheesecloth spine with an orange bookmark. You can keep the cover plain or customize it with stickers to make it your own.

Here’s a nice touch to start the incoming year…

…and there’s a hopeful phrase for the next one.

You can put your personal details here, with your signature too.


The Midori MD Paper Notebook Diary features a minimalist month view, which you can definitely play with. Doodles and stickers should do the trick.

The calendar starts from Dec. 2020 to Jan. 2022. Note the showthrough on the left side of the page, but this doesn’t bother me.

It is followed by 113 lined memo pages which each spread good for one week. The next 32 pages are blank.

This is where it gets divisive. For some users, it is a deal breaker if you have to write down the dates. This is the case for the Midori MD Paper Notebook Diary, since the week spread is just filled with lines. If you want it dated, you have to do it yourself.

Since i tend to lose control of the days for the past few months under the pandemic, there’s a tinge of regret in seeing unused dated pages. In this case, the write-it-yourself dates work. But that is a personal preference.

For the first month, I’m writing the dates down with a Nakaya Piccolo Writer in Heki Tamenuri finish with soft fine nib inked with Montblanc Irish Green. I wonder what I’ll use for January.

I don’t have a leather cover in A6.  But a planner given by my girlfriend in 2019 (which ended up being used for random lecture notes) had this cute dog art on the jacket and a plastic cover. So I reused it.

It fits perfectly.

Since I don’t think I’ll go out that much in the coming year, I’m settling with this setup. I’m not slipping the front cover in the cloth jacket because I want to see the dog art every time I use the planner. To keep it shut, I’m using a paper pen case with an elastic, an omiyage from my co-founder. It wraps nicely around the notebook.

So that’s it! I’m still figuring out how to do these reviews so please do let us know what you think.

Just a disclaimer: I bought this planner. You can get yours locally from Everything Calligraphy and Scribe.

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