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Starter Japanese fountain pens under Php1k

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a Montblanc or a Pelikan as an heirloom, you’re probably hesitant to blow thousands of pesos on your first fountain pen (but if you can, then by all means SPEND!). If this is the case, get your hands on a pen that your wallet won’t regret spending for: choose a starter Japanese fountain pen.

Choose from one of the Japanese Big 3: Platinum, Sailor, and Pilot. They have a reliable line of fountain pens across various price points, and there are options available in the Philippines under Php1000.

(Note: This is an updated version of an old post by Ronin Bautista)


If you chance upon an ivory-colored plastic-bodied fountain pen in Daiso, that is the Platinum Riviere. It is a good starter for Php88, with spare cartridges available at Scribe Writing Essentials. Compared to other fountain pens in Daiso, the Riviere writes in fine even if the nib is marked as medium. The plastic feel might turn you off though, but it is light enough to make the writing experience pleasant.

The next option for Platinum is a Preppy, from Php 195 to Php 275. It introduces you to the world of demonstrators or clear-bodied pens, with lots of colors to choose from. If you also end up preferring eyedropper pens, this one is also a good piece to play with.

The Platinum Preppy (L) and Platinum Riviere (R)

If you want something that looks more premium than a Preppy, the Platinum Prefounte which are translucent demonstrators available for Php495.

If you want a serious-looking fountain pen a bit more heft, the Platinum Plaisir at Php895 might suit your fancy.


For a few years, the only Sailor pen that you can get under Php1000 is the Sailor Candy from Scribe.The Candy is now difficult to find, and will probably cost much more.

Thankfully the Sailor Hi-Ace Neo Calligraphy Pen reached Philippine stores. For Php895, you get a stub nib which has not stopped anyone from using it in writing cursive.


Yes, the trusty Pilot. Some old cheap favorites include the Pilot 78G  for Php 200- Php400 and the cute Pilot Biridie which was a little over Php200. Sadly, these models have been discontinued.

The Pilot Metropolitan‘s price may have doubled in the past five years, but at Php999, it is still one of the best quality fountain pens available.

L-R: Pilot 78G, Pilot Metropolitan, Pilot Birdie. Five of them were purchased from Cosmos Bazar, while one was bought from Everything Calligraphy.

If you don’t mind a clipless fountain pen with a quirky smiley on the nib, then you can try the Pilot Kakuno.


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You can get this pen from Php699 to Php 895. Click the image below to learn more about the Pilot Kakuno.


Sure, there are other fountain pens under Php1000. But if you want quality for a low price, these Japanese choices won’t fail you. These are also perfect for enabling pen noobs since these are less likely to have any issues.

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