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Tokyo 2020 Fountain Pen Unboxing

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics may have been postponed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But nothing has stopped the event’s official shop from putting up commemmorative souvenirs: from Gundam plastic models and plushies of mascots Miraitowa and Someity to traditional crafts and clothing. Organizers may have banned foreign spectators from flying in,  but if you have means of ordering from their official site, you’re good to go. That includes getting the official Tokyo 2020 fountain pen.

If Google search is correct, aside from Nagasawa’s post and official product photos, there are no other images of the Tokyo 2020 fountain pen around. So this could be the first unboxing post for this pen, specifically for the gold-trimmed demonstrator version.

The outer box features the standard Tokyo 2020 packaging with the logo and the official blue hue. Inside is a black box with the games’ emblem printed on top.

This looks so promising in person. The Gundam RX-78-2 Tokyo 2020 edition agrees.

The actual pen comes wrapped in plastic. Nothing unusual there. But before we take a better look at the pen…

…here’s what’s under the tray:  product information and two standard cartridges.

This pen features standard cartridges. That already eliminates the chances that this pen was made by one of the Big Three Japanese fountain pen makers. Pilot, Platinum, and Sailor use proprietary filling systems for its pens. The included guide, however, links to a website that lists Taccia as one of its products.

Now for a closer look at the pen!

If you like gold trims on your pens, you will like this. Even the matching converter comes in gold. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo is printed on the body. That might raise concerns on whether it will last for a long time. Its shape is somewhat torpedo-like, and the section is solid metal. More on how this affects performance on the review. (Coming soon!)

The makers etched the Tokyo 2020 line on the metal cap band.

There’s nothing fancy on the cap.

A first look at the clip has a similar shape to Platinum’s, but the engraving is clearly different.

Everything about this pen looks good, except for the fine nib. It is blank. For a commemorative pen, it shouldn’t hurt to have at least Tokyo 2020 or the Olympic logo on it. Or the maker’s logo. Well, at least they didn’t mark it with F and nothing else. That would have been worse.

The Tokyo 2020 fountain pen is a good addition to any Japanese-themed collection. This piece commemorates a guaranteed historical highlight already. Now we wait if the games will push through this summer a year after it was initially scheduled.

But how does it write? Stay tuned for the review coming soon. For now, here’s the complete unboxing video.

The Tokyo 2020 fountain pen’s demonstrator version is ¥11,000 on the event’s official website. Another version comes in Navy with silver for ¥9,900, while a set of five following the Olympic ring colors costs ¥49,500.


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