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Troublemaker Inks is back with shading inks on Scribe

The first Filipino fountain pen ink brand is back following a long hiatus. Troublemaker Inks’ entire shading lineup and 3/4 of its shimmer collection are available on Scribe as of Tuesday morning.

Almost have of the colors available, however, are already sold out an hour before noon.

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Created by two teenagers from Cebu in 2018, Troublemaker Inks’ launch was celebrated for being the first Philippine fountain pen ink in the market. Their first ink collection featured Filipino and Cebuano inspiration such as green Hanging Rice, Luneta Twilight Pink, and Sinulog Black.

The brand was forced into hiatus during the first few months of COVID-19, however, with Cebu’s capital city being one of the worst hit by the pandemic. But the Troublemaker duo managed to release two limited edition inks with Scribe: the gray Butanding and greenish brown Pawikan.