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Review: Endless Pens Washi Tape

While I do own several rolls of washi tape, I actually have no idea how to write about them. I have only watched sushixuni do swatches on Twitch, and I don’t have much practice myself when it comes to journaling.  I often use them to personalize notebook covers, gifts, and storage items.

I should have bought more rolls of this Manix Abrera work.

It only made it to my journal pages recently, and not for design purposes but to serve as prompts for entries when I’m raring to write but I don’t have a clear topic in mind.

So when Endless Pens sent over some washi rolls to check out, I didn’t know how to present them. So here’s my attempt.

Endless Pens currently has six designs available in their shop, from which received four.

These can easily fit in anyone’s stash, especially those who really use washi tapes in journaling, with very relatable themes (as you can see later on) that are well-presented to boot.

Ink Swatch

First up is this Ink Swatch roll, which also features words or phrases that can set the mood for your journal entry or greet a letter recipient. it’s a bright and colorful roll, and I think it fits well with how I use washi. Seasoned users can go crazy with this one.

Happy New Pen Day!

This is a pretty straightforward roll for a very specialized purpose: pen purchases! Now you can stick on a strip on a gift you’re about to give, or on your journal when you’re using your new pen for the first time.

But first, coffee

Now, this is really a mood since, for most folks, nothing creative can really start without a cup of coffee. The design lets you choose from different ways of how to get your caffeine fix. To me, anything is fine.


This is quite special since it is part of a set featuring the artwork of Lekz Umali. Technophile has a fitting vibe, nailing the usual-tech-related imagery, but done by hand.

The other two designs by Lekz are Hanami and Coffee Stream. All washi rolls on Endless Pens are $3.50 each, but you can get a set of Lekz-designed ones for $9.

Thanks again to Endless Pens for letting us try these rolls!

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