✒️ Roundup: Hobonichi to use Tomoe River for 2023?

It has been eight months since we last we last made our fountain pen roundup, and three months since our last post. A lot of things happened in the Philippines (and the world for that matter) that fountain pens became the last thing in our minds. Yes, that is possible.

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But the important thing is we’re back, and there are many stories to tell and a lot more things to catch up on. Just like:

Hobonichi and Tomoe River Paper

“The thin, light paper, called Tomoe River paper, is strong, resistant to bleeding, and allows ink to dispense smoothly across the paper — an ideal choice for a planner,” says Hobonichi, which uses the said paper, on its product info. Photo credit: Hobonichi

August means that Hobonichi will be announcing its 2023 line-up very soon. But the question that everyone has is, what paper will the Japanese planner maker use for its products?

“Regarding the paper for Hobonichi Techo 2023, it will be announced in late August on Hobonichi Techo official website,” a Hobonichi representative told Pen Noob.

But in a recent Instagram post announcing changes to its 5-year Techo, Hobonichi responded to a comment that the product “uses the same Tomoe River paper as previous years.” It is unclear if this is the same case for other Hobonichi products for 2023.

Hobonichi stayed with the old Tomoe River Paper last year, much to the relief of users who feared change after the paper brand was sold by Tomoegawa.

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Speaking of Tomoe River Paper…

Sanzen Tomoe River Paper is a “solid performer”

Leigh Reyes compared two versions of Tomoe River Paper, with the new version appearing to be not as bad as expected.

“But it is not the same, so I can see why people got worried,” Leigh told Pen Noob. “But it deserves to be evaluated on its own merits.

Sanzen’s version “has more tooth” with less show through, among other key observations.

“It would be a lovely paper on its own were it not burdened with a brand name that comes with set expectations,” wrote Leigh in the review.

New Endless’ exclusive pens

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Naptime must have been a very good doggo to be on exclusive fountain pen distributed by Endless Pen. Currently on pre-order, the special edition Opus 88 Mini Pocket Pen goes for US$79 and comes in clear and translucent blue with EF to stub nib options.

But that’s just one of the online fountain pen seller’s exclusive pens that are coming out.

A labrodite stone-inspired pen made by Tailored Pen Company and Micah Robles is set to launch later this month. Lorraine will also have her own Opus 88-based “Beautiful Writing” design coming out in August.


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