TWSBI sets launch day for glow-in-the-dark Eco

TWSBI glow-in-the-dark Eco is slated for release on August 25, said the Taiwan-based fountain pen maker in its Facebook post on Tuesday.

Philippine availability, however is still unconfirmed as of posting. No price has also been confirmed for now.

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Dubbed the TWSBI Eco Glow Green, the pen looks close to the TWSBI Eco Jade. But the magic happens in dim lights, of course.

TWSBI glow-in-the-dark Eco
TWSBI glow-in-the-dark Eco.

“Expose it to sunlight and watch it glow in the dark,” said TWSBI in its post. it looks like this pen needs some charging of sorts. What ink will you put in this pen?



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