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Cosmo Air Light gets cut off from maker’s lineup

Another Japanese paper product is about to be written off as Cosmo Air Light’s production will be discontinued, posted Singapore-based atelier Musubi on Monday.

“Nippon Paper, the manufacturer of Cosmo Air Light, has just informed its various paper merchants that they will terminate the production of a number of papers, some by the end of this year and others by Mar 2023. Cosmo Air Light is on this list,” wrote Daryl of Musubi, which makes handbound journals and pen cases.

Dwindling paper demand is the main reason behind the production cut, according to the post. There is no exact date of production stoppage however. Musubi uses both the 83 gsm and 92 gsm variants of the paper.

Cosmo Air Light is fountain pen-friendly paper that has been considered by some as a fitting replacement to Tomoe River Paper, which had changes in characteristics after production was turned over to new company.

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