Iroful Paper is Sakae’s newest fountain pen-friendly product

There’s a new fountain pen-friendly paper in Iroful Paper, Sakae’s newest product in development aimed at nib users who want to “express” the “vibrance” of their inks.

“Iro” is the Japanese word for “color,” which renders a playful meaning of “colorful” to the brand that will join widely acclaimed Tomoe River Paper in the company’s lineup.

“We planned it with the hope that many users will enjoy the color development and shades of fountain pen ink, and the things that can only be expressed by writing,” Sakae representative  Toro Suzuki told Pen Noob in an interview.

Aside from presenting “gorgeous” color and subtle shading, the paper also shows sharp lines while having a “softer, gentler texture.” Its “final design” is still “being adjusted for general sale,” Suzuki added, but samples have already been sold at some stationery exhibitions in Japan. Podcast host Jacob E., who is based in Tokyo, managed to get hold of this paper, which he discussed in a Tokyo Inklings episode. Global release for the paper has yet to be determined.

This development comes months after Tomoegawa, the producer of Tomoe River Paper, announced that it would discontinue two of the paper’s current series while they explore manufacturing a new line, affecting numerous producers like Sakae and Hobonichi that rely on the fountain pen-friendly paper for their products. Meanwhile, Sakae is currently mum on the base paper used for Iroful.